we help organizations grow from inside out

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Our purpose is to help the sustained growth of companies through the Art of Human Talent


We design and implement strategic human resources processes


We are a team that works with joy and passion, we give advice with openness and transparency and give ourselves 100% to help companies raise their level of awareness and continue to grow

We grow together with our clients and our team


WorkShop "Change your mind, Create new results"

We have a very good consultant who very dynamically leads this Workshop in which you will learn more about yourself and the changes in your mind.


We create your employer brand and carry out the entire recruitment process.


We build plans to unlock the full potential of the people in your company. We coach and give one on one sessions to leaders and key positions.


We design and implement performance management systems.

Engagement and Well-being

We design engagement and well-being programs.

Organizational Culture

We help companies transform and track their cultural health to make sure it supports the company’s strategy.


We design training programs and train your employees in soft skills.


"The accompaniment we have received from ArteUmano has been fundamental in the growth of our company. Working with the support of ArteUmano in the conceptualization and execution of projects in the management of our Human Resource, has allowed us to adopt good practices to address the challenges involved in growing in number of collaborators, without losing our focus on the day-to-day of our business"
Santiago Jaramillo
Sigma Dental
March 2021
"We have worked with ArteUmano all the organizational issues and working climate of our firm. From the structuring and implementation of the career plan of our company's professionals, to the permanent accompaniment on diverse topics of human talent, Natalia and her team have supported us in an outstanding way, giving us added value in these areas. ArteUmano is today one of themost important allies that Brick Abogados has, has been invaluable support in the planned growth of our organization, and has also had a direct impact on several of our lawyers who have had the opportunity to be part of personalized coaching processes with very favorable results."
Juan Diego Rodríguez
Brick Asociados
March 2021
Paola Garcia
Vice President of Investment
March 2021
Texsa went from having Human Talent processes that provided basic operational support, to having a whole work team of people focused on promoting the development of the organization. This change has been led by ArteUmano with its professionalism, drive and closeness.
Jorge Atallah
General Manager
Texsa de Colombia
ArteUmano, more than a supplier, has been an strategic ally that fully understand the company's problems in order to provide tailored, creative solutions that generate a high added value for the organization.
Mauricio Gómez
General Manager - Biotecnik
What I value most about ArteUmano´s service is that it allows me to have the experience and the execution of the consultants adjusted to the needs of my company with exceptional personal service.
Alan Michaan
General Manager - Mathiesen
The sum of experience, theory, consulting, practice, plus their creative capacity and warmth will always give the best solution for everything.
Diego Zambrano
Development Coordinator
Equidad Seguros
We have found in ArteUmano an invaluable strategic ally for our firm and organization. The permanent advice of the Partners has allowed us to structure our organization in an optimal and professional way, implementing strategies that have been very effective and beneficial not only for our company but also for our employees.
Juan Diego Rodríguez
Partner - Brick Abogados
Thanks to their style of work and their experience, more than a supplier, ArteUmano is characterized by being a true strategic ally for the growth of the entire team at Indexcol.
Juan Pablo Ordóñez
Founder - Indexcol